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Description: Thor, (aka Thunor (Anglo-Saxon), Thunar (Teutonic), Donar (Dutch), Donner (German)) is the Scandinavian God of thunder and fighter of giants; was one of the most powerful Gods in the Scandinavian pantheon. His parents were Odin and Jord. Thor married the golden-haired Sif, a fertility Goddess, and their daughter Thrudhr (aka Thrud) meaning "strength." Thor's sons, Magni and Modi, are by his mistress the giantess Jarnsaxa, who's name means "iron-cutlass," or "Iron-Sax." Thunar is the Teutonic version of Thor. His father was Wodan, his mother; the earth. Thunar represents the spirit of the law. Thunar is portrayed as a red-headed and bearded burly man, often with a flint in his forehead, but always carrying his hammer. Oaks are sacred to him. The Lap's version of Thunar was married to Ravdna, meaning "Rowan". Invoke Thunar to still storms at sea, bring travelers and seamen to safety and to protect outlaws. Thor's magickal items are the hammer; Mjollnir, the belt; "Megingjardhr," gloves, chariot, thunderbolts and oath-ring. He is invoked for defense, strength, good weather, and agricultural fertility.

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