The Wizards Table




High Magick

Ritual Magick
A great source of information on the Kabalah

The Hermetic Library
A library of various texts on ceremonial/high magick.


Myth*ing Links
A lot of mythological information.


The God Checker
An excellent database of deities organized by pantheon!


The Elder Futhark
Some general info on the divinatory meanings of the runes


Spells and Magic
Some good spells, and some bad spells. and some of the links are broken.

Bringing you love light and wisdom. is ever expanding, full of informative articles. Featuring a free Newsletter full of practical advice on a range of topics.

Simple Magick
A site that has a lot of Pagan/Wiccan related news .

Oz Wicca
A site for southern hemispehere based pagans/wiccans.

Alt.Magick FAQ
This is a good list of frequently asked questions.

Isi Magick
A great place to buy robes, the look really good.

Love Spells
Hundreds of free spells, witchcraft spells, Wicca spells, love spells, pagan and metaphysical products, online pop-up tarot readings, links, advice, and much more interesting, witchy stuff!

The Circle Sanctuary
I guess you could call this site a pagan/wiccan awareness site.

Wicca: For The Rest Of Us
This is a no-nonsense site, that aims to strip away some of the airy-fairy nature of wicca (pun not intended).

Church And School Of Wicca
Some decent information on wicca, although more geared to their own particular tradition.

The Celtic Connection
A general wicca information site.

A Oz pagan networking site.

Open Sesame
Website of Eileen Holland.

Wicca Church of Canada
This is an excellent site for the thinking Wiccan. Has a great FAQ section.

A great Ozzie wiccan site.

The Witchy Crypt: Information & Resources For Everyone!

Legal Information Webrings