The Wizards Table




A Money Spell
Against All Sorrow
Against Earth Quakes
Against Evil Powers
Against Evil
Against Falsehood And Deception
Against Melancholy
Against Sorrow
Against The Sorrows Of Mortality
Deep Sleep
For A New Attitude
For An Invocation Of The Moon
For An Untrue Lover
For Beauty
For Dispelling Sadness
For Dividing Lovers
For Extended Youth
For Fertility
For Fertility
For Fertitlity
For Good Fourtune
For Good Health
For Immortality
For Improved Health
For Loss Of Weight
For Love
For Money
For Power
For Protection From Fire And Water
For Rebirth Of A Spirit
For Relief From Pain
For Riches
For Safety In Travel
For Safety In Travling
For Stability
For The Eternal Life
For The Other Woman To Use
For Wealth And Well Being
For Wisdom
For Wisdom
Mary, Mary, Where's The Fairy ( Or To See Fairies)
Money Rock
Money Wishing Well Spell
The Toad Spell
To Aid Sleep
To Assure The Powers Of The Black Sun
To Avoid Unwanted People
To Be Freed From Habit
To Be Given To Another For Love
To Be More Loving
To Be Rid Of The Old In Favour Of The New
To Be Safe From All Harm
To Bind The Enemy
To Bring Back A Lost Friendship
To Bring Back A Lost Love
To Bring Back A Wayward Lover
To Catch A Lover Admired From Afar
To Catch A Stranger
To Celebrate Life
To Celebrate The Season Of Spring As The Source Of Fertility
To Create A Psychic Bond With Someone
To Defy Death By The Power Of Life
To Discover The Philosophers Stone
To Find A Compatible Lover
To Find Love
To Gain Wealth
To Get A Lover To Remain Faithful
To Get Her Back
To Get Him
To Get Rid Of Him
To Get Your Fiance Back
To Help Be Rid Of Diseases
To Help Hide
To Honor The Sun
To Increase Your Money
To Inpsire Passion
To Inspire Passion
To Invoke The Power Of Albireo
To Invoke The Power Of Algol
To Invoke The Power Of Antares
To Invoke The Power Of Capella
To Invoke The Power Of Mira
To Invoke The Power Of Regulus
To Invoke The Power Of Sirius
To Invoke The Power Of Spica
To Invoke The Power Of Vega
To Invoke The Powers Of Sun And Moon
To Invoke The Powers Of The Earth
To Invoke The Powers Of The Goat
To Invoke The Sacred Scarab
To Keep Him
To Magnify Energy
To Make Friends
To Meet Whom You Want
To Obtain A Lover
To Obtain Good Health
To Obtain Good Luck
To Obtain Money
To Obtain Prosperity
To Obtain Spiritual Strength
To Obtain Success
To Over Ride Bad Luck
To Overcome Shyness
To Overcome The Season Of Winter
To Promote Cunning
To Promote Trust Between Lovers
To Promote Truth
To Protect Somebody
To Renew Love
To Return Negativity To It's Sender
To Revitalise Your Energy
To Soften A Hard Heart
To Stop Slander
To Summon The Dead
To Travel Safely
To Vanquish Death
To Walk In Harmony With Earth
To Walk In The Ways Of Truth
To Win Healthy From The Sun
To Win Love
To Win Love
To Win Power

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