The Wizards Table


To Invoke The Powers Of The Earth


Ingredients: Rain Soaked Dirt, Sack Cloth, Small Green Twig, Soft White Feather, Blood, Coarse Twine
Instructions: After rain, when the Earth has received enough of water to be soft, thus clinging to the fingers and to itself, go out and gather up enough to fill the bowl of a large spoon. Bring this into the house, and quickly mold it into a speare, smooth and rounded evenly. Set it aside in an iron vessel, this covered over with a squareof rough sackcloth, and when it shall have dried, after a day or two, remove it and place it in the center of the cloth, with these as well: a small green twig, broked thrice, a soft white feather of down, and a drop of blood pricked from your own finger. Over them, then, speak words to work the enchantment: NOW EARTH IS EARTH AND EARTH IS AIR AND EARTH IS WATER AND EATH IS FIRE: LET ALL GO INTO THEE AND ALL BE THINE LET ALL ARISE FROM THEE AND THEN BE MINE Now fold the cloth to enclose these four entities, and bind it up with a lashing of coarse twine. This charm should be kept in a dark drawer or box, to be taken out and in cupped hands held to the breast, and its words repeated, when ever a strengthening influence forth.

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