The Wizards Table


To Bind The Enemy


Ingredients: Cobwebs, Black Cloth, Dead Fly, Paper, Long Cord
Instructions: Gather from the corners of your room, every cobweb, and place them, all in a tangle, upon a black cloth. You now need to find a recently dead fly and put it onto the mass of webs.These words are then to be written on paper : "North south east west spider's web shall bing him/her best east west north south hold his limbs and stop his mouth seal his eys and choke his/her breath wrap him/her round with ropes of death." The paper then needs to be folded 4 times, wrap it up along with the cobwebs in the black. Tie this up now with a long cord and hang it up from a dark place to gather dust.When it is thickly covered in dust, take it down and bury it somewhere in the earth.

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