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Rune Divination


It is not my intention to go too in depth as far as using the runes for divination is concerned, the reason being that I feel that using the runes is mostly a matter of personal preference. Hence, all the information on this page should be consider a basic guide only. Here follows a few simple spreads, and a few spreads that are more complex also. The spread that you choose will depend on the spread you feel most comfortable using. You will also need to consider what information you are hoping to learn.

As an example, if all you want to know is a rough estimate of how your day will be, then drawing a single rune from your rune pouch will more than suffice. On the other hand, if you need to know if it is a good idea to move interstate to find a new job, or stay where you are currently, then perhaps consider the "Heimdall's Eight" spread.

Feel free to invent your own spreads to suit your own requirements.

When you are choosing/shuffling the runes, you need to concentrate on the question; this action infuses the runes with the purpose of the request.

The Spreads

Single Rune

To receive a quick answer, or a basic overview to the question at hand, use the single rune spread. As such, do not expect too much from it. The way I do it is, jiggle my pouch until I feel the need to stop (while concentrating on the question), then reach in my hand, grab one, and interpret the rune within the context of the question.

As an example, one day I wanted to know if it would be a busy day at work. So I jiggled my bag, grabbed a rune out, and it was Eoh. I interpreted this to mean that it would indeed be a busy day, but it would be a day that would allow me to achieve something worthwhile. That day I was able to get a lot of work done, and I was able to show my employer that I could handle my work effectively. Since I am still quite new to the workplace, this ensures that I will continue to have employment there, hence achieving something worthwhile.

Three Rune Spread

This is great rune spread to use either to get a yes or no answer to a question; or to get a simple past/present/future reading. With this spread, you can either leave the runes in your rune bag and then draw each rune out separately, or place all the runes on the table face down, shuffle them around, and then pick your three runes. If you choose to shuffle them on the table, after picking the three runes for the spread, return the unused runes to the rune bag.

Regardless of the method for choosing the three runes, once you have them, place them, from left to right in a straight line, in the order that you picked them. From left to right, the positions mean Past, Present, and Future. Alternatively, if you are simply after a yes or no answer, tally up the number of positive and negative runes. Whichever is most predominant will give you the answer. That is, more positives means yes, more negatives means no.

Consider this sample reading:

You would like to know if you should leave your current job, or to stay. After casting the runes, they come up as follows: Doerg, Hoel, and Ansuz (reversed).

Past: Doerg
Present: Hoel
Future: Ansuz

Doerg in the position of the past indicates that you have recently had the benefit of a financial bonus. Hoel in the position of the present suggests that things are not doing so well for you now. Finally, the reversed Ansuz hints at bad advice.

The overall meaning of this reading suggests that recently you come into an extra amount of money, and perhaps you may be looking to use that to advance yourself, however this would most likely result in you losing out. Therefore, no, you should not leave your job.

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