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Alternative Names:
Aett: Freyr
Colours: Bright Red
Herbs: Oak, Mugwort
Numbers: 4
Deities: the Norns, Forseti
Stones: Chrysoprase

Divinatory Meaning: (R: Wagon or chariot.) Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. A journey, vacation, relocation, evolution, change of place or setting. Seeing a larger perspective. Seeing the right move for you to make and deciding upon it. Personal rhythm, world rhythm, dance of life. Raidho Reversed or Merkstave: Crisis, rigidity, stasis, injustice, irrationality. Disruption, dislocation, demotion, delusion, possibly a death.

Magickal Properties: protection for travellers, to ease or bring about change, to reconnect

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