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Description: Wodan (aka Wotan (German), Woden (Saxon),Wodanaz (early German), Odin, Wodann) was the Teutonic version of the Scandinavian Odin, God of war; albeit much gentler. The Heruli were worshippers of Wodan and practiced a ritual of stabbing and burning in honor of this God. It was said by Procopius in the sixth century, that these worshippers sacrificed by laying old, or dying men; or men taken in battle, upon a funeral pyre and stabbing them to death, just prior to torching the pyre. According to Saxo Grammaticus, Wuldor ruled in Wodan's place for ten years whilst the latter was expelled in disgrace. (Wodan had disguised himself as a woman in order to begat the avenger of Baldr's death, Bous.) After Wodan was reinstated, Wuldor fled to Sweden. Other names for Odin/Wodan are: Balefire-Eyed, Cargo-God, Drighten of Draugs, Drighten of the Spear, Gautr, Hel-Blind, Hoar-Beard, Lord of the Gallows, Sig-Father, Vidhur, Wal-Father, Yggr, and etc.

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