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Description: Uller, (aka Wulder (Saxon), Wuldor (Teutonic), Ull (ancient Norse) is an ancient Scandinavian God whose name meant "the brilliant one". He is a step-son of Thor and his mother is Sif. (Uller's father was the star hero Orvandil.) Uller is invoked for oaths, duels and hunting. He was considered to be the winter ruler of Asgard; and at one time was as important to the Norsemen as Odin. Uller is associated with the Aurora Borealis. In ancient Norse myth, Ull, meaning "glory," is the God of justice and dueling, as well as the patron God of agriculture. He resides in his hall, Ydalir ("yew dales"). Uller married Skadi, after she divorced Njörd. According to Saxo Grammaticus, Wuldor ruled in Wodan's place for ten years whilst the latter was expelled in disgrace. (Wodan had disguised himself as a woman in order to begat the avenger of Baldr's death, Bous.) After Wodan was reinstated, Wuldor fled to Sweden. Magickal items belonging to Uller are a bow, wuldortanas (glory-twigs), and an oath-ring.

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