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Description: TÓwaz, (aka Tyr (Scandinavia), Tiw (Saxon), Seaxneat, Saxnot (Saxons in Essex), Tig, Zio (Dutch), Ziu (German)) was the Teutonic war and "Sky God". Great sacrifices were made to this God whom loved both law and justice. As Tyr, he was the original Scandinavian God of war as well as the patron God of justice. Tyr represents the letter of the law. The Vikings demoted Tyr, making Odin the God of war. (Interestingly, Tyr was then regarded as Odin's son.) He inspired courage and heroism, and was the giver of victories in battle. Tyr's right hand was bitten off by Loki's son, the monstrous wolf Fenrir, when he bound the wolf. Tyr is always represented with one hand. Tiw, the Saxon form of TÓwaz, was the original "great God," whom separated heaven and earth. In "Lokasenna," Loki boasts of cuckolding Tiw, without restitution. The name of Tiw's wife is not recorded. TÓwaz's magical items are a shield, helmet and sword. He is invoked for battle glory, justice, oaths and arbitration.

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