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Description: Summer was sacred to Perun, (aka Pyerun,) the Slavic god of thunder and lightning. When Christianity forced Perun underground, he became known as as St. Elias or the Prophet Elijah to the Russian peoples. He was known as Perkunas to the Lithuanians, and he was portrayed as a strong man holding an axe or hammer. Perkunas is a purifier and a "fructifier and lives in a castle on a stone hill." If lightening strikes an object, it is believed Perkunas did it, and the object becomes sacred. (Even a human being.) The ancient Slavs were very tied to ancestor worship, and had strong beliefs to an afterlife. Every home had a special corner dedicated to the ancestors, and these shrines were wonderfully decorated at harvest time. In some areas, widows were buried alive in their husband's grave. A pagan holdover is the custom of feasting at the grave site. Vladimir began his rule in the year 980 and it is said he sacrificed close to a thousand people to his idols before becoming a Christian in 989. He forced his people to become Christians, and the people resented it. Vladimir burned some of his idols and hacked others to bits. The representation of Perun was tied to a horse's tail and drug to the Dnieper banks where it was then thrown in. The people were very upset and wept for Perun, but Vladimir ordered his flunkies to keep Perun from reaching the shore by poking him away with long sticks. The idol made it through the Dnieper rapids and it eventually washed up onto a sandbank by a strong wind.

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