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Deity Of:
Description: Osún (aka Ikolé, Oshún, Ochun, Inquices: Chola Wengue, Choya Wengue, Mama Chola, Shola, Chola Anguenge, Mpungu Mama Wánga, Kissimbé, Samba) is the Santería (Macumba) Orisha of Love and Sensuality as well as the patroness of the blood-stream and of rivers. As Ikolé, she the messenger to Olodumare, the God of the heavens. She is depicted as an old woman whom is wise but sad at her loss of beauty. Alternately she may be shown as tall, light brown-skinned woman who has the sensuality of a prostitute. Osún wears seven brass bracelets, and wears a mirror at her belt to admire herself. Her companions are a peacock and a cricket. Osún is identified with the Virgin Mary as "Our Lady of Charity" and symbolizes human self-esteem. She carries river water in her pot. This is an Orisha of opposites, and powerful spells are worked in Santería (Macumba) through her. Osún embodies the value of connectedness. The sacrifice to Osún is a small chicken.

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