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Description: Hödr, (Höd, Hödhr, Hother, Hoder) was the Scandinavian God of darkness and winter, and the blind twin brother of Baldur. Loki guided his hand in throwing the mistilteinn dart, which killed Baldur. Hod was killed by his half-brother Vali; whom who was born for revenge. Saxo Grammaticus wrote of Baldr as a warrior who contested with Hödhr to win Nanna. Warned by several walkyrige, Hödhr gets a magick sword to kill Baldr, as well as an arm-ring to bring him wealth. He meets up with several forest-maidens (the walkyrige) and convinces them to let him to taste the magical food they are preparing for Baldr. This food was the source of Baldr's strength. Now being of equal strength as Baldr, he defeated and mortally wounded him. In Saxo's story, Baldr has a dream where the Goddess Proserpine promises her love to him. Odin uses magick and trickery to get a son by Rindr, to get revenge on Hödhr. This son was called Bous, and he killed Hödhr, even though he was but one night old. Legend states that Hödr will be reborn after Ragnarok.

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