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Description: Freya, (aka Freyja, Friia ) is called the most beautiful of the Scandinavian Goddesses. She is a Goddess of love, sensuality, and fertility. She is also the patron Goddess of crops and birth. Her father is Njörd; her brother, Freyr. She married the God Od, (whom is thought to be another form of Odin.) When Od disappeared, Freya's tears turned to gold. She has a human lover, named Ottar, who goes in disguise as Hildesvini ("battle boar"). Freya is also the Queen of the Valkyeries. Her palace is Folkvang ("field of folk") and her hall is Sessrumnir. Freya takes half of the slain warriors and all women. Freya's magickal items are: the necklace of the Brisings ("Brisingamen"), the falcon cloak (a magickal cloak of bird feathers, which causes its wearer to change into a falcon), a chariot pulled by two cats, and cat-skin gloves. Freya is invoked for love, war and witchcraft. The boar is symbolic of prosperity, vitality and ceremonial feasting for both the Norse and Celts.

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