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Deity Of:
Description: Changó, (aka Shangó, Inquices: Nsasi, Insasi, Nkita, Nkitán Kitán, Kanbaranguanje,Insancio, Mukiamamuilo, Zaze, Kibuco Kirbrico, Kiassubangango, Nzage, Kambaranguanje ) is the Santería (Macumba, and Kongo) Orisha of Courage, Truth and intelligence; as well as being the Lord of fire, thunder, lightening, rain and (male) fertility. Changó is identified with Catholic saints Barbara and Jerome. Changó is wedded to Oya and they have nine children. His mother is Yemayah. He is thought of being shrewd, smooth-talking, kingly, and a con-artist; he is stimulated by challenge and he always wins against all odds. Shangó is depicted in a double-headed dance wand headdress, called the oshe Sangó, and carries a double-headed axe which symbolizes his preparedness, and courage. He also carries the phallic mortar, or odo, in his right hand, and his totem animals are the black cat, quail and tortoise. He embodies the value of truth, and demands a young rooster as sacrifice.

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