The Wizards Table


Baron Samedi


Pantheon: Voodoo
Deity Of: Death
Gender: Male
Description: Stylish and sinister, he wears a black tailcoat, glossy top hat and dark eyeglasses. You guessed it - he's dressed like an undertaker. But unlike most mortal undertakers, he smokes cigars on duty, twirls a cane and goes in for trance dancing. When not on the graveyard shift he likes to party - particularly on Saturday nights which is why he's called Baron Saturday. In his graveyard persona of BARON-CIMETIERE, he watches over cemeteries. This isn't just a passive role, what with body-snatchers on the look-out for zombie material. As BARON-LA-CROIX, he also stands at the metaphysical crossroads of life and death and he may even be a manifestation of GHEDE himself. Of course he might just be a drinking buddy. There are those who claim to have seen them both together, but anything can happen when you drink vast quantities of rum and hot pepper and trance the night away. Not to mention the odd chicken sacrifice. His wife is MAMAN-BRIGITTE and he also has two colleagues, BARON-LA-CROIX and BARON-CIMETIERE - who may or may not be aspects of his own grave personality.

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