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Pantheon: Canaan
Deity Of: War
Gender: Male
Description: From humble beginnings as the Storm God HADAD, he grew to occupy top position in the Canaanite pantheon, taking charge of War and Heroic Action Adventure. His consort is ANATH (later ASTARTE), the Goddess of Fertility and Sexuality. She's also his sister, but Gods don't worry about that kind of thing. BAAL enjoyed top spot in the Middle-East pantheon and was worshipped far and wide. But his reputation was irreversably damaged when Jewish leaders took exception to his sneaky cult of sacred prostitution in Palestine. They littered the Bible with anti-BAAL messages and took to calling him BEELZEBUB. And so he became universally hated. Such is the power of the press. And now you know who to blame for everything from Ice Ages to Global Warming.

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