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Pantheon: Persian
Deity Of: Feminist Water Goddess of Fertility, Birth and Womenhood
Gender: Female
Number: 752
Description: With all those dominating male Gods strutting about the region, it's nice to come across a female deity. Particularly one as benevolent as ANAHITA. She looks after the well-being of women, promotes fertility and safe childbirth, and generally makes female life a bit easier to cope with. Perhaps as a symbol of purity, she is also involved in the water industry and loves to splish and splash in rivers and streams. Perferably ones that are clean and crystal-clear. Her own-label Pure Spring Water may well have been a best-seller in Scythia, Canaan and Phoenicia, as her popularity spread all over the place. She's still revered today, although her bottled spring water is no longer available in the stores.

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