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Pantheon: Greek
Deity Of: Medicine, Healing
Gender: Male
Number: 3943
Description: He's Dr Deity, having learnt his stuff from CHIRON (the medical centaur of all healing knowledge), but was struck off the register by a thunderbolt from ZEUS after raising HIPPOLYTUS from the grave. The dead were supposed to stay dead, and the Gods did not approve of miracle cures. If all the dead came back to life, HADES would be out of a job. So now ASCLEPIUS is a sort of Public Health Service God. Sleep at his shrine and you can take advantage of his healing dreams. We don't know if any beds are currently available. We have it on good authority that the illegible inscriptions carved on ASCLEPIUS clay tablets were the very first doctor's prescriptions. Which have remained unreadable ever since. With EPIONE he fathered PANACEA, who attempts to cure with soothing sooths. Panaceas are still used to this day. And the modern symbol of medicine is based on one of his medical instruments, with the sacred snake of his daughter HYGEIA wrapped around it.

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